Long-Stroke Tensile Testing System for Vulcanized Rubber - Specs

Long-Stroke Tensile Testing System for Vulcanized Rubber

353 - Long-Stroke Tensile Testing...

A tensile test method for vulcanized rubber is stipulated in JIS K6251 (Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic-Determination of tensile stress-strain properties). One of the properties of vulcanized rubber is significant elongation. This long-stroke tensile testing system for vulcanized rubber has a long stroke that is required for calculating these tensile characteristics of rubber, and accommodates dumbbell specimens Nos.1 through 6 stipulated in JIS K6251.

This system is based on the Shimadzu Autograph AG Series, and consists of a "pantograph type grip" having outstanding operability, "SES-1000 Extensometer for Soft Materials" compatible with measurement of high ductility elongation, and the AG dedicated software "TRAPEZIUM2" for conducting data processing from the test force-displacement curve in real time.

This system enables you to efficiently obtain the tensile characteristics of vulcanized rubber.

Capable of Measuring Even Specimens with a Large Break Strain

Load capacity

1 kN


1 kN pantograph grip type 2

Initial grip space

Dumbbell specimen No.1: 90 mm
Dumbbell specimen Nos.2, 3, 4: 70 mm
Dumbbell specimen No.5: 85 mm
Dumbbell specimen No.6: 40 mm

Tensile stroke

Dumbbell specimen No.1: 655 mm
Dumbbell specimen Nos.2, 3, 4: 675 mm
Dumbbell specimen No.5: 660 mm
Dumbbell specimen No.6: 705 mm

Displacement gauge length

20, 25, 40 mm

Displacement gauge measurement range

100, 200, 1000 % at each gauge length

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