Trace Quantity Measurement System Features

Capable of Measurements with Just a Droplet of a Sample

To perform the measurement, drip a droplet of the sample and then cap it. After measurement, just wipe away the sample, and proceed with the next analysis.

Effective for the Measurement of Thick, High-Concentration Samples

Dilution Not Required
As the optical path length is shorter than the 10 mm cell, 10x to 50x concentration samples can be measured directly.

Simple Cleaning
The interior of an ultra micro cell is narrow. As a result, the cleaning process is difficult and contamination is a problem. With the trace quantity cell, after measurement, just wipe the window clean with a cotton swab.

Difficult for Bubbles to Enter
Placing a sample in an ultra micro cell without bubbles entering is difficult. With the trace quantity cell, however, the sample is just dripped, making it difficult for bubbles to enter.

Nano Stick Example

Nano Stick Example

Select the Instrument and Cell to Suit the Intended Use

The combination of a UV-VIS spectrophotometer and the trace quantity measurement cell can be selected to suit the intended use.
Use the double beam UV-1900i or single beam UV-1280 spectrophotometer. Two types of trace quantity measurement cells are available.

SCINCO Nano Stick-S™

With a 0.5 mm optical path length, this cell requires a mere 2 μL of a sample. Measurements can be performed simply, just by dripping one droplet of the sample. After the measurement, just wipe clean the sampling port.

Hellma TrayCell™

With an optical path length of 0.2 mm or 1 mm, this cell requires 0.7 to 5 μL of a sample. The optical path length can be changed by changing the cap.
Measurements can be performed simply, just by dripping one droplet of the sample onto the TrayCell™ window and then capping it. After the measurement, just wipe clean the window and the inside of the cap.

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