Major Specifications

Monochromator unit

Dispersion system

Paschen-Runge mounting for concave diffraction grating

Diffraction grating

Concave radius of curvature: 600 mm
Number of grooves: 2400/mm
Reciprocal dispersion: 0.69 nm/mm

Wavelength range

121 to 481 nm and 589 nm

Evacuation system

Direct-linked rotary pump. Ultimate pressure: 2 Pa

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Excitation Unit

Discharge voltage

500 V or 300 V, selectable

Discharge frequency

One of three frequencies automatically set for the discharge conditions. 500 Hz max.

Voltage accuracy

Main voltage ± 1%
However, input voltage coefficient of variation within ± 10%

Discharge conditions

6 types

Counter electrode cleaning

Automatic regeneration by reversing electrode polarity after each analysis

Spark stand

Stand for argon atmosphere

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Readout unit

Number of light receptors(channels)

64 channels max.

Method of measurement

Single-pulse integration method Time-resolution PDA photometry

Data Processing Unit Windows Kit

Mainly adds the following functions

1. Report functions Database functions

Uses ACCESS for analysis results
ACCESS is a registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation

2. Maintenance Instrument management functions

Counter electrode replacement, stand cleaning
Management of inlet slit position according to number of discharges
Management of pump oil replacement and igniter cleaning periods

Installed Environment

The instrument highly resistant to dust and other environmental factors. However, avoid installing the data processing unit in an environment subject to vibrations, dust, and strong electrical fields.

Area Approx.

3x2m min.

Temperature Approx.

10°C to 28°C


70± RH max.

Note Heat generation approx.

1100 kcal/hour

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Power Supply

200, 220, 230, or 240 V ± 10%, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 4.0 kVA


Individually grounded 30 W max. Provide near the rear of the instrument.


Argon gas

A central supply with switching between at least two cylinders is convenient.
Argon gas purity 99.999% min.
Dew point below –70°C.

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