LabSolutions i-QLinks - Features

Test Information Control System

Prevent human error through digitization

  • Test reports are automatically generated from the test result data obtained by the analytical instrument, eliminating manual input and, consequently, preventing human errors such as posting errors.
  • Data is captured without paper or human intervention, and test reports are automatically generated, reducing the risk of falsification and ensuring the reliability of quality test operations.


Increase productivity using an integrated system

  • Test information, analysis sequences, test results, and other information related to the testing workflow are centrally managed.
  • The progress of the test plan can be viewed in a single screen, and the required work of each operator is automatically notified according to the progress of the test.
  • i-QLinks is integrated over the network with the analytical instrument and works seamlessly with LabSolutions, which performs the analysis work, dramatically increasing workflow efficiency.
Increase productivity using an integrated system


Tasks are assigned to each operator based on the test plan. Paperless confirmation and approval of test results are available.

Achieve a flexible working style

  • Lowers management costs by allowing the test manager and supervisor to perform all operations in a Web browser, eliminating the need for software installation.
  • Because it is networked, the progress of each test and analytical results can be viewed in a web browser from anywhere.
Achieve a flexible working style


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