Improving the Data Integrity of Spectrometers - Options

Analysis Sequence (Optional)

Ensuring data integrity requires a system that shows no data manipulation has occurred. Shimadzu has achieved this through the introduction of its Analysis Sequence for spectrometers. Using the Analysis Sequence, it is possible to verify that the full chain of analysis has been carried out according to experimental protocol (or SOP).
The LabSolutions Analysis Sequence (optional) provides a three-step workflow:

  1. A sequence is put together according to a given experimental protocol (or SOP). See the flow below for reference.
  2. The operator conducts analysis in the order shown by the sequence file.
  3. After analysis, a report set is created from the sequence file used in the analysis. The experiment leader uses the report set to review the data chain generated by the sequence.

Until now, a problematic issue with data integrity in spectrometers has been the existence of orphan data (data which is isolated and not reviewed, despite being used in the analysis). However, the LabSolutions Analysis Sequence option not only meets the requirements for data integrity by preventing the creation of orphan data, but also allows for highly efficient spectrometer operation.

Note This is only compatible with LabSolutions UV-Vis, the software that controls UV-Vis spectrophotometers. It is not compatible with UVProbe. Future compatibility with UVProbe is not expected. If compatibility is required, purchase LabSolutions UV-Vis, and then purchase Analysis Sequence separately.

Compatibility with Data Integrity for IR Microscopes (Optional)

The main application of IR microscopes is contaminant analysis, and compatibility with standards is not required. However, such instruments are often installed in the same laboratory as instruments used for confirmatory test applications. During inspections, it is necessary to explain the lack of compatibility with standards to inspectors. To avoid this troublesome process, the control software for IR microscopes for contaminant analysis applications is now compatible with data integrity.
The operations are simple. Run LabSolutions IR, the Shimadzu software used for confirmatory test applications. Click [AIM] for IR microscope measurements, which is built into the software. This will display the existing AIMsolution program. Then configure the various conditions, and start the measurements. After the measurements are finished, the data obtained is automatically transferred to the LabSolutions IR software, after which it is transferred up the line.

Note 1) Data integrity compatibility is not available when using the AIMsolution mapping software.
Note 2) The measurements are performed with AIMsolution. This is not compatible with Analysis Sequence.