LabSolutions Connect - Features

Analysis software for LCMS-8060/8050/8045/8040

Supporting MRM Optimization

The easily configured automatic MRM optimization function and the data browser function for checking optimization results reduce the work involved in the optimization process for multiple samples.


Database Management of MRM Optimization Results

The optimized results are saved in a database, and accumulated as information. Target components can be output from this database to a method file and used for analysis. The database can be shared by multiple instruments to significantly improve operational efficiency.

Data Browser Function for Checking the Results of MRM Optimization

With the exclusive browser, the optimized results can be checked visually. The validity of the optimization results can be checked at a glance, making it easier to identify the cause if optimization for a compound fails.

Creating Method and Batch Files, Executing Analysis, and Managing the Batch Queue

With LabSolutions Connect, the required information from MRM optimization results registered in the database can be accessed by loading in a text file, and then a method file used for analysis can be easily created. In addition, the settings for the batch file saved in a text file can be loaded, speeding up the process of batch file creation. The intuitive graphical UI reduces the burden on the user when configuring a real-time batch analysis..


Simplified Analysis Function

LabSolutions Connect has not only an optimization function but also a simplified analysis function. Method files for analysis of target components can be created from the database created via optimization, and even real-time batch files can also be created simultaneously. In addition, an existing batch file created with LabSolutions can be loaded, edited, and performed for real-time batch.


Processing Large Amounts of Data by LabSolutions Insight

Large-volume data sets obtained after data acquisition are analyzed using LabSolutions Insight. With LabSolutions Insight, the MRM chromatograms to be reviewed can be displayed in a stack. In addition, peak identification can be collectively processed via manual operation for peaks displayed. This reduces the time required for data processing, enabling more efficient data review.

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