LabSolutions Insight Environmental Option - Features

Software for the Environmental Regulatory Field

Pass/Fail Determination by Flagging

In the environmental field, prescribed regulatory values must be satisfied based on calibration curve validity confirmations, matrix results confirmations, and other QC parameters.
This optional software adds the relative percent difference (RPD) and other QC items necessary to meet analysis requirements. 
These QC items are compatible with the flagging function. Using this function, items that do not satisfy the threshold value configured by the user are colored, making it easy to identify samples/components that do not satisfy the regulatory values. In addition, using the pass/fail determination function, the flagged results for multiple QC items can be combined to determine a QC pass or fail.

Pass/Fail Determination by Flagging

Enhanced Report Output Function

In analyses in the environment regulatory field, it is necessary to output results as a report.
With calibration curves, CC samples, Matrix Spike/Matrix Spike Duplicate samples, and unknown samples, it is necessary to check whether the required regulatory value has been met. This software enables the fast, efficient creation of QC reports.

Quality Control Report Report Features
Calibration Curve Confirmation ICAL Report Confirms whether the calibration curve is within the criterion values.
Surrogate/ISTD Confirmation Enviro Batch Report Confirms whether the ISTD compound and surrogate compound are within the criterion values.
CC Sample Confirmation CCV Report Confirms the validity of reusing the calibration curve.
Blank Sample Confirmation Low S.B. Report Confirms whether the blank sample concentration is within the criterion values.
Matrix Spike/Matrix Spike Dup Sample Confirmation Duplicate Report Confirms the sample matrix impact.
Unknown Sample Confirmation Enviro Sample Report Confirms the validity of the sample.
Confirmation of Chromatograms and MS Spectra Chroma Spec Report Confirms the TIC, MC, MS spectrum, and confirmation ion ratio.

Report Samples

A wealth of standard report formats is provided. The report format can be configured in accordance with the operation and items required by environmental regulations. This section introduces examples of standard formats. Click the reports to view an enlarged image.


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