eTOC series - Options

TOC-1000e On-Line TOC Analyzer for Pure Water


Description P/N Remarks
Vial Sampler 638-57230-41 Four 40-mL vials
Bracket Kit 638-23033-41 Enables mounting to
either a wall or pole.
External I/O Kit 638-79217-41 Enables analog output
and contact input/output.
Power Supply
Terminal Block Kit
Sample Filter 040-22305-45 60-┬Ám element for 1/8-inch
OD tubing
Needle Valve for
Adjusting Sample Flowrate
040-22308-03 For adjusting sample flowrate
in 1/8-inch OD tubing
Sample Flow Shutoff Valve 040-07042-01 Used during maintenance,
etc. with 1/8-inch OD tubing
Reducer Union 035-60414-50 Tubing OD adapter from
1/8 to 1/4-inch