Measured items

NPOC (TOC by IC subtraction using acid sparging), TC, IC, TOC (TC-IC), TN (optional TNM-1 required)

Sample dilution function

Diluted in syringe; dilution factor: 2 to 50


Approx. 440 (W) x 560 (D) x 460 (H) mm (excluding protrusions)

Power supply

AC 100 - 127V ±10% MAX 800VA 50/60 Hz
AC 200 - 240V ±10% MAX 1200VA 50/60 Hz

Ambient temperature

5 to 35ºC

Sample conditions

Flow rate: Approx. 0.1 to 1 L/min
Sample volume: 5 to 7 mL per measurement
Temperature: 0 to 90ºC

Control input

Remote stopping and starting of sample measurement and calibration

Alarm output

Measurement value upper limit and upper upper limit alarms, system error alarm: No-voltage contact output (maximum: 5VA, 0.1A, 50V)

Measurement value output

Analog output: Select from 4 to 20mA, 0 to 16mA (insulation, load resistance: 750Ù max.), and 0 to 1VDC RS-232C: Baud rate; 9,600 bps,
Data length; 8 bits, Parity; none, Stop bits; 1

Carrier gas

High-purity air or oxygen (1 ppm max. of CO, CO2, or HC)
High-purity nitrogen (1 ppm max. of CO, CO2, or HC) (when using optional nitrogen gas carrier kit)
Supply pressure: Approx. 600 kPa
Flow rate: 150 mL/min (230 mL/min with sparging)

IC pretreatment

Automatic acidification and sparging

Sample injection volume

Variable in the range 10 to 2,000 uL

Measurement method

680℃ combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR method
720℃ combustion catalytic oxidation/ chemiluminescence method
(when TNM-1 is connected)

Sample injection method

Automatic injection using syringe pump/slider

Calibration cycle

Variable in the range 1 to 999 hours

Span stability

±2% F.S. max. per day (ambient temperature fluctuations within 5℃)

Zero stability

±2% F.S. max. per day


±2% F.S. max.


CV 1.5% max.

Number of measurement channels

1 channel

Measurement cycle

Approx. 5 to 999 minutes (for NPOC measurement)

Measurement range

TC: 0-500 mg/L to 0-25,000 mg/L variable
IC: 0-500 mg/L to 0-30,000 mg/L variable


Approx. 40 kg

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