Cleaning Procedure for Adaption-II MALDI imaging slide adaptor

Suitable for Adaption-II imaging slide adaptor

1. Items required

1.1  Ultrasonic bath for target cleaning

1.2  HPLC grade methanol
Note: when handling solvents, wear appropriate PPE (e.g. safety glasses, lab coat and gloves).
Refer to manufacturer's MSDS for instructions on safe handling and disposal of solvent waste.

1.3  Optional: Small oven for drying targets (up to 40°C)

2. Cleaning procedure

2.1  Note: Prior to cleaning, remove any slides from the adaptor.
Using a lint-free tissue moistened with methanol, wipe the main body of the adaptor and carefully clean underthe parts of the adaptor and the locking mechanism which are used to prevent slides falling out of the adaptor (see figure 1).

2.2  Place the adaptor face-up into a small container and immerse (cover) with methanol.

2.3  Cover the container and place into an ultrasonic bath. Sonicate the adaptor for 3 min.

2.4  Remove the adaptor from the cleaning solution and allow any excess methanol to drain from the adaptor.

2.5  Allow the adaptor to dry overnight (>12 hours) either at room temperature or (optional) in an oven at 40°C.

Figure 1: Diagram of the Adaption-II adaptor showing the areas under which should be cleaned, shown by arrows, as part of step 2.1