Fundamental LC-MS  - Analysis results -

    Analysis target

    "Analysis Target" introduce the candidate of the analysis/measurement materials, samples or components at the instruments. It includes points for measurement such as sample handling.​

    Clinical research /

    • Drug of Abuse
    • Blood and Urine Analysis
    For clinical research, the analysis of drugs, vitamins and minerals in whole blood, plasma, serum and urine is conducted routinely using LCMS. It is also applied in metabolomics, proteomics

    Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical​

    • Phospholipid Profiling
    • Chiral Drugs Analysis
    • Bioanalysis
    • Antibody Drugs
    • Protein and Glycan Analysis
    The use of LCMS in the biopharmaceutical discipline have enabled the bioanalysis and characterization of antibody drugs.​


    • Water and Soil Analysis
    • Persistent organic Pollutants
    In the environmental field, LCMS is widely utilized for the qualitative and quantitative determination of known pollutants (e.g. pesticides, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and personal care products) and trace-level emerging contaminants. ​

    Food & Beverage​

    • Pesticide Residues
    • Food Additives and Sweeteners
    • Veterinary Drugs
    Food safety and development have also adopted the use of LCMS in their product quality control such as the quantitation of residual veterinary drugs, food additives and the composition analysis of supplements and organic foods. ​


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