Scanning Probe Microscope

SPM Observations in a Controlled Environment

By adding an environment controlled chamber, the SPM-9700 scanning probe microscope can be upgraded to a WET-SPM series system. This is only possible for the SPM-9700, which was optimized for operating within a controlled chamber, by including features such as a Shimadzu proprietary head-slide mechanism, operation from the front panel, fully automatic approach, and open head design.
This is especially ideal for samples vulnerable to air or moisture.

Environment Controlled Chamber CH-II / CH-III

These environment controlled chambers, CH-II (without TMP) and CH-III (with TMP), were designed specifically for the SPM-9700 series as a chamber system with built-in vibration damper. SPM units can be installed easily via the rear of the chamber, expanding the possible applications from atmospheric SPM to environmentally controlled SPM. This allows controlling not only the sample, but also its entire surrounding environment, it enables processing samples in a controlled environment and immediately observing them with the SPM (Japanese Patent No. 2612395 and U.S. Patent No. 5200616). A large view port and gloves for both arms allow freely pretreating samples inside the chamber. Furthermore, by adding optional products compatible with the environmentally controlled chamber, it is possible to use as in-situ SPM to monitor changes to surfaces in response to variations in physical quantities, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and concentration. The SPM unit can be easily loaded into and unloaded from the chamber from the rear, allowing it to be used for both ambient atmosphere and controlled environment observations.

Diagram of Chamber Configuration


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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