Scanning Probe Microscope

High-Throughput Scanner Shortens Observation Times

Due to the new deveopled HT scanner that achieves a high-speed response and optimizing softwares and the design of control system, aquisition of the image data is now available at a speed of conventional than 5 times or more(our ratio). The scanner can easily be replaced so existing scanners can be used. The HT scanner can also be added to an existing SPM-9700 unit to enable high-throughput observation.

Analysis Example

Surface Roughness Analysis of a Vapor-Deposited Metal Film

The surface topology of a vapor-deposited metal film was observed using a scanning rate of 1 Hz and 5 Hz.
Image quality and surface roughness analysis results are equivalent.

Grating Surface Topology Measurement

The grating surface topology was observed at a scanning rate of 1 Hz and 5 Hz. The measurement by cross-section profile analysis shows that both give the same results.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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