Impurity Analysis in Bulk Gas

High-purity gas is necessary in industries such as chemical, medical, and foods. Precisely controlled GC enables identification and quantitation of a trace amount of impurities in bulk gas. If the gas resources in a factory consist of multiple lines, a sample line selector SLS-2020 can be utilized to switch sample lines automatically, allowing a single GC to analyze all samples.

Analytical Example: Impurities in He

Impurities in He can be measured with a single analysis. This example shows an analysis with PDHID.

Target compounds Concentration
H2 100 ppb
O2 100 ppb
N2 100 ppb
CO 100 ppb
CH4 100 ppb
CO2 100 ppb

Chromatogram (Detector: PDHID)

GC-2014 system is also available for some applications.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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