Cloud-Based On-Line Factory Effluent Water Quality Control

Cloud-Based On-Line Factory Effluent Water Quality Control

To protect natural environments, laws and prefectural and city regulations specify strict water quality standards for factory effluent water. In particular, there are strict independent water quality measurement requirements for designated facilities that are considered at risk of discharging water that is potentially hazardous to human health or living environments, or discharging wastewater or other polluted water that contains dioxins.

That means those involved in effluent water management must constantly check instrument status to ensure water quality is being measured properly. However, because the instruments are often installed near outflow points or in controlled areas not normally accessible to people, monitoring instruments requires routine visits or extensive equipment.


For the TNP-4200 series of on-line total nitrogen and total phosphorus water quality analyzers, Shimadzu offers a cloud-based maintenance service that can remotely confirm the operating status of the instrument wherever it is located. Consequently, the service can reduce the burden of such routine visits. In addition, by sharing operating status information between Shimadzu’s field engineer and the customer via the cloud, the service can help prevent problems or quickly help solve any that occur. As a result, it can not only help ensure long-term reliable instrument operation but also significantly reduce the expenses and time previously spent on such monitoring.

Even Shimadzu uses the on-line water quality management service at Sanjo Works, which visitors can tour.


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