Measurement device Balancing MachineDBM-GII type (Mouse type)

Instantaneously calculates magnitude and angle of unbalance and each unit is equipped with Shimadzu's proprietary full-digital technology.

The Shimadzu DBM-GII dynamic balancing and measurement control system is compatible with a wide variety of horizontal soft types, horizontal hard types, and vertical dynamic balancing systems. A digital signal processor provides both a vibration component extraction function and a full dynamic range automatic linearity correction function. These features help ensure high reliability and precision.


  • Provides high-precision in short measurement time.
  • Full digital processing, for outstanding reliability.
  • Ultra-short measurement time, about 1/3 of conventional systems
  • Resistant to changes in surrounding environment
  • Maintenance-free.


Standard Specifications

Item Details
Measurement Method Fully digital cross correlation(FDCC)
Display Graphical display shows results in vector and digital form
Input RPM 100rpm to 12,000rpm ※(depends on mechanical unit)
Number of Data channels 512 per one project
Compensation Functions Zero-compensation, eccentricity compensation,
keyway compensation, input value compensation
Ambient Conditions Temperature: 0ºto 40º Humidity: 20% to 80% (with no condensation)
Size W80×D300×H300 mm (excluding computer and monitor)

Note: Standard specification includes the "Balance Koubou" control software.


PC Specifications

Item Details
Hardware PC with the Windows 7 Professional operates
OS Windows 7 Professional
CPU Processor (1GHz 32 bit (×86) or 64 bits (×64)
Main memory 2 GB or more
Graphics function 1024×768 or more are recommended
Hard disk 8 GB or more of availability
Serial ports An one or more-port empty port

Typical Applications

General rotating parts


Precautions when exporting measurement control systems outside of Japan:

When exporting this equipment outside of Japan, please be sure to use the control system that conforms to Japan's Export Trade Control Order (maximum RPM of the control system must not exceed 12,500 rpm). The Export Trade Control Order also applies when relocating equipment that is currently used in Japan to another country.

Note: Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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