Room Layout
Create Your Angiography Room Plan in 3D Easily
Room Planner for Angiography system Trinias is a 3D simulation tool to make it easy to visualize room layout with various C-arm positions.
Systems :
Floor-mounted single plane (MH-600, KS)
Ceiling-mounted single plane (MH-500, KS)
Biplane (MH-600/700, KS)
  • It is designed as close as possible to the actual dimensions and specifications of our angiography system, Trinias series with SCORE Opera as of April 2023, but it shall be used just for a guideline to help you plan a room layout virtually.
    Accuracy is not guaranteed.
    It also does not include all the components that come with the actual angiography system.
    Please refer to engineering drawings for final specifications.
  • When installing an angiography system, please consult with our sales representatives regarding the detailed room layout and system configuration including optional accessories.
5 Steps
Step 1
Room type and size
Select a system type and adjust the room size.
Step 2
Arrange objects
Add related devices and objects to complete the room layout.
Step 3
Simulate the C-arm movement to check if the room layout is appropriate.
Step 4
360° View
Enjoy a 360-degree walk-through view as if you were in the room.
Step 5
Save / Open
Click "Save" to save the planned layout data, and "Open" to reload and edit the saved data.Then, please contact us to finalize your room plan.
For more details, please refer to this "Room Planner Instruction Manual".
1. Important Notes
2. Required browser's conditions
This "Room Planner" will work on the following web browsers.
  • Microsoft EDGE
  • Google Chrome
  • Mac
  • Safari