Important Remarks for Shimadzu “Room Planner for Angiography System Trinias” Application

Room Planner for Angiography System Trinias is intended for the use by the healthcare professionals or hospital staff involved in angiography room planning. It is designed as close as possible to the actual dimensions and specifications of our angiography system, Trinias series with SCORE Opera as of April 2023, but it shall be used just for a guideline to help you plan a room layout virtually. Accuracy is not guaranteed. It also does not include all the components that come with the actual angiography system. System components and objects shown in the Room Layout Planner include not only standard components but also optional items. 
It may contain products that are not available in your country. Some product design/specifications may partially change without notice or differ upon country by regulatory reasons etc.

On the Room Planner, only the position of the C-arm and the longitudinal movement of the tabletop can be simulated. But in the actual system, other system operations can be performed, such as the position change of the monitor, the C-arm angulation and so on. Therefore, system components and other objects may actually interfere with each other. In actual use of the system, it is necessary to take safety into consideration after understanding the position of interference in advance. Please note that the actual C-arm movements and operating procedures may differ.

When installing an angiography system, please consult with our sales representatives regarding the detailed room layout and system configuration including optional accessories.