C-arm Position

*Please note that the actual C-arm movements and operating procedures may differ.

Selection Window

Change system configuration

Click on C-arm to change the FPD size, patient table type, and monitor type for the examination room.

Add objects

You can place objects(devices, doors, pepole etc.) by dragging from selection window to anywhere in the layout space. You can move the object by dragging it, and rotate it by dragging the arrow.

Wall/Floor Design

Click on the wall or floor to select its color and design.

Fix objects

Check the "Fix its position" checkbox to fix the object to prevent incorrect operation.

Save / Load

You can save your planned layout data in JPG format by selecting "Save". When selecting "Load", you can reload the saved data.

*The grid lines on the floor are 10cm square, and the bold ones are 50cm square. *The grid lines on the floor are 4" square, and the bold ones are 2' square. *Cables can not be displayed.

Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1 CH-200
Bucky Table BK-200(L)
Bucky Table BK-120(L)
Bucky Stand BR-120T
Bucky Stand BR-120
Patient Table Patient Table
Floor-mounted single plane
Ceiling-mounted single plane
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension CH-200
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 2

You can select the number, model type, and installing direction of the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support. You can reverse its direction by checking "Flip back and forth".

Cabinet CH-200 Transformer BK-200
Bucky table BK-120 (L)
Bucky table BK-200 (L)
Bucky Stand
Measure the distance between two points.

*You can only measure between objects. You cannot measure open space.

Room type and size

Move walls

You can move walls to any position by clicking the Move button and dragging wall lines.

Add walls

You can add walls anywhere. Click the Draw button and select the start and end points by clicking. If the end point does not touch an existing wall, double-click to determine the endpoint.

Erase walls

You can erase walls. After clicking the Erase button, click the wall that you want to erase.

Select a system

Select the system type to be installed in the angiography room from Floor-mounted single plane, Ceiling-mounted single plane, or Biplane.

*The grid lines on the floor are 50cm square. *The grid lines on the floor are 2' square.