Select the item, then simulate its movements/operations.
* Simulation for R/F table's movements are not available.

Place items

Place Bucky Table, Stand or R/F table etc. as desired.

Add an item

You can place items, doors, people, boxes (free shape) etc. inside and outside the room. You can move the object by dragging it, and lotate it by dragging the arrow.
The items marked "*" are not available in some regions.

Wall/Floor Design

Click on the wall or floor to select its color and design.

Fix the item

You can fix the place of the item by checking "Fix its position" to avoid wrong operation.

Save / Load

You can save your planned layout data in JPG format by selecting "Save". When selecting "Load", you can re-load the saved data.

*The grid lines on the floor are 10cm square, and the bold ones 50cm square. *The grid lines on the floor are 4" square, and the bold ones 2' square. *Cables can not be displayed.

Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1 CH-200
Bucky Table BK-200(L)
Bucky Table BK-120(L)
Bucky Stand BR-120T
Bucky Stand BR-120
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension CH-200
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 2

You can select the number, model type, and installing direction of the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support. You can reverse its direction by checking "Flip back and forth".

Cabinet CH-200 Transformer BK-200
Bucky table BK-120 (L)
Bucky table BK-200 (L)
Bucky Stand
Measure the distance between two points.

The distance between the two points is the distance between the object and the wall. You can't start and end in the air.

Fix room size

Move walls

You can move the walls to any position by clicking the Move button and dragging the wall line.

Add a wall

You can add walls anywhere. Click the Draw button and click the start point you want to add a wall. Move the mouse until the end point, then click again. If the end point does not overlap another, double-click there.

Erase a wall

You can erase a wall. After clicking the Erase button, click the wall that you want to erase.

Ceiling Rail

Select the rail length and width for the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube. Select "None" if you want to simulate a case that doesn't require the ceiling rails such as R/F room.

2nd Rail

Select the rail length and width if you want to place two ceiling-mounted X-ray tube. If this is not necessary, select None.

*The grid lines on the floor are 50cm square. *The grid lines on the floor are 2' square.