Important Remarks for Shimadzu “Room Planner” Application

This “Room Planner” is intended for the use by the healthcare professionals or hospital staffs in charge of radiographic room planning.
Though this application is designed based on our actual system dimensions/specifications of RADspeed Pro(CH-200/BK-200/BR-120[T]), SONIALVISION G4, FLUOROspeed X1 edition as of October 2021 as close as possible, this shall be used just for a reference purpose only to help you try/plan a rough room layout virtually and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.
Regarding Ceiling rails of X-ray tube suspension, the rails marked "*" are not available in some regions.
Regarding SONIALVISION G4 and FLUOROspeed X1 edition, this application does not include their Control Cabinets and Operation Consoles. Also, this application shows their horizontal table position only, while actual systems take a variety of postures, including table up/down, tilting and SID extension etc. As some postures may collide with Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension or other surrounding devices or room ceiling, which cannot be simulated in this application, the actual systems must be installed with enough distance from others.
Some product design/specifications/availability may partially change without notice or differ upon country by regulatory reasons etc.
For the confirmed information and further supports to finalize your room layout with more details, please contact our local representative in your country, thank you.