List of Exhibits in Exhibit Room 2

  • “Shimadzu Science Equipment Catalog List” (product list published in 1882)
  • Inclining Tower
  • Body Rolling Upward
  • Wheel and Axle
  • Communicable Tube
  • Nicholson’s Hydrometer
  • Model of Bramah’s Hydraulic Press
  • Model of Suction and Force Pump
  • Magdeburg Hemisphere
  • Savart’s Toothed Wheel
  • Franklin’s Pulse Glass
  • Prism
  • Thermopile
  • Leyden Jar with Movable Coating
  • Luminous Discharge Tube
  • Model of Lightning Rod
  • Apparatus Showing Electrical Distribution (oval shape)
  • Oersted’s Apparatus
  • Electric Egg
  • Epinus’ Condenser
  • Model of Morse’s Telegraph
  • Air Exhaust Pump
  • Newton’s Color Disc
  • Eyeball Anatomy Model
  • Astatic Galvanometer
  • Tangent Galvanometer
  • Electric Bell
  • Electric Cannon
  • Tuning Fork
  • Daniell’s Hygrometer
  • Sciopticon (magic lantern projector)
  • Whirling Table for Centrifugal Experiments
  • Model of a Fire Pump
  • Compass
  • Catalog of Physics and Chemistry Instruments, Chemicals, and Other Equipment (1904)
  • Camera with Tripod and Dry Plates
  • Savart’s Resonance Cylinder
  • Thompson’s Reflecting Galvanometer
  • Ammeter
  • Norremberg’s Polarization Apparatus
  • Geissler’s Tube
  • Kohlrausch’s Universal Bridge
  • Edison’s Paraffin Roller Phonograph (National Phonograph Co.)
  • Water Batteries
  • Davy’s Safety Lamp
  • Clarke’s Magneto-Electric Machine
  • Portable Hot-Wire Ammeter (Hartmann & Braun A.G.)
  • D’Arsonval’s Reflecting Galvanometer
  • Crookes Tube (to show heating effect)
  • Tomoda’s Projector of the Solar Spectrum
  • Wireless Telegraph for Demonstration
  • Siren with Air Regulator
  • Silkworm Sex Discriminator
  • Scripture’s Color Sense Tester
  • Cattell’s Finger-Dynamometer
  • Esthesiometer
  • Electric Fan
  • M & Katera V-Type Microscope
  • Leitz V-Type Compact Microscope (Ernst Leitz, Optische Werke)
  • Gaede’s Molecular Pump
  • Specimens for Showing Production Order of Incandescent Lamps
  • Sectional Model of Steam Engine (with governor)
  • Stroboscope
  • Hittorf’s Tube
  • Geissler’s Tube
  • Table Spring Balance
  • Apparatus Showing the Length of Day and Night
  • Vacuum Tube (with phosphorescent flowers)
  • Stereoscopic Photo
  • Magic Bottle
  • Evaporation Gauge
Magdeburg Hemisphere
Edison’s Paraffin Roller Phonograph
Tomoda’s Projector of the Solar Spectrum
Evaporation Gauge

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