List of Exhibits in Exhibit Room 3 

  • Model of Gasoline Engine
  • Apparatus Demonstrating an Automobile Transmission
  • Dual Manipulation Tester
  • Memory Tester
  • Match Board
  • Ideal Physical Balance
  • Apparatus for Dynamo and Motor Experiments
  • G.S. Apparatuses Showing the Principles of a Pendulum and a Clock Pendulum
  • G.S. Apparatus for Optical Experiments
  • Ruler for the Blind People
  • Apparatus Showing a Balance Wheel for a Clock
  • Key Universal Meter
  • Quartz Mercury Lamp
  • Analyzer for Carbon Dioxide in Air
  • Bubble Sextant
  • Circular Slide Rule for Aviation
  • Neon Sign
  • Telephone
  • Certificate of Second Prize Awarded at the Fourth National Industrial Exhibition
  • Bunsen’s Cell
  • Induction Coil
  • Educational X-Ray Apparatus
  • Lecture Notes for Roentgenology
  • Dr. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s Bust
  • Lead-Containing Leather Gloves
  • Scotopic Goggles
  • X-Ray Photographs for Projection
  • Wimshurst Electrostatic Induction Generator
  • Human Anatomical Model
  • Skeleton Specimen—Comparison of Forelegs of Mammals (Sea Lion Otariidae)
  • Skeleton Specimen—Comparison of Forelegs of Mammals (Cat)
  • Skeleton Specimen—Comparison of Forelegs of Mammals (Monkey Macaca)
  • Skeleton Specimen—Comparison of Forelegs of Mammals (Mole)
  • Skeleton Specimen—Comparison of Forelegs of Mammals (Bat Chiroptera)
  • Stuffed Specimen—Horned Owl
  • Stuffed Specimen—Mallard
  • Immersed Specimen—Unarmed Tapeworm (Taenia saginata from Cow)
  • Immersed Specimen—Spear Squid Loligo Bleekeri Dissected and Injected with Vermilion Ink
  • Immersed Specimen—Japanese Pearl Oyster (Pinctada Fucata Martensii)
  • Immersed Specimen—Seahorse
  • Immersed Specimen—Bovine Ruminant Stomach (from Cow)
  • Model of Azalea Flower
  • Stems of 10 Species of Bamboo
  • Specimens of Artificial Silk
  • Mineral Specimens for Pupils
  • Shimadzu Mannequin
  • Model of Edible Mushrooms
  • Model of Poisonous Mushrooms
  • 18 Ceramic Ware Examples
  • Anatomical Models of Various Joints
  • Drawing Model (Full-Length Figure of Bathing Woman)
  • Dissecting Microscope
Apparatus Demonstrating Automobile Transmission
Ideal Balance
Bunsen Cell
Model of Azalea

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