New Solutions for
Joining and Welding Dissimilar Materials

Online Exhibition

Dissimilar material joining and welding is a technique that combines materials with different functions and characteristics to create components and products with higher, multiple and hybrid functions.
This online exhibition introduces our solutions for quality evaluation and inspection methods of dissimilar material (multi material) and welded bonding, as well as technology for laser processing solutions.

Shimadzu at IIW 2022

A Recap of Shimadzu Events and Presentations at IIW 2022

IIW 2022 was concluded. Thank you for visiting our booth and attending our technical program at IIW 2022.

Event Details

  • ・July 17 (Sun) – 22 (Fri), 2022
  • ・Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba
  • ・Link to IIW2022 website

Technical Program

July 18 (Mon)
Multi-faceted Evaluation of Dissimilar joining between high tensile strength steel plate and aluminum plate using useful new non- destructive method
Futamata Yusuke, Tsuginosuke Hashimoto, Kakio Naoshi, Yoshimi Satoshi, Shimadzu Corporation, Japan

Related applications
Multi-faceted evaluation of friction stir welding of dissimilar metals

Products/Technologies and Applications

Quick and easy non-destructive inspection of jointing of dissimilar materials by ultrasonic optical flaw imaging technology

The principle of ultrasonic optical flaw imaging

Ultrasonic optical flaw detector

Accurately judge the quality of joints by a tensile shear test using a precision universal testing machine.

AUTOGRAPH Precision Universal Tester
AGX-V Series

Investigate the cause of changes in shear strength by cross-section observation and composition analysis using an electron probe microanalyzer.

Electron Probe Microanalyzer

Nondestructive observation for three-dimensional structure of a joint

Microfocus X-Ray CT System
inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus

Multi-faceted evaluation of friction stir welding of dissimilar metals

  • Bonding Material: High Strength GA Steel Foam Aluminum Plate
  • Size: Length 100 min x Width 30 mm x Thickness 1 mm
  • Pressurization time: Long, Short

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