April 13, 2023 | News & Notices The New Release of “EZy-Rad Pro”Radiography System for Clinics
Easy Operability Helps Reduce Operating Fatigue of Healthcare Personnel

Product Photo: EZy-Rad Pro radiography system

Product Photo: EZy-Rad Pro radiography system


Shimadzu Corporation has released the EZy-Rad Pro radiography system for clinics. Usability was improved to ensure the system can be easily operated by healthcare personnel. In addition, Shimadzu will also help reduce the burden on patients by shortening examination times.

EZy-Rad Pro is a general radiography system which is a type of medical equipment, and is widely used for diagnosing pneumonia and other disorders or for diagnostic imaging of bone fractures in orthopedic fields. General radiography systems are the first choice for diagnostic imaging in many different parts, such as chest, abdomen, head, and extremities. Therefore, they need to be easy to operate for a wide variety of examinations.

This product has improved usability by incorporating a function that automatically sets optimal imaging conditions based on combination with the examination parts and exposure direction. The one-button operation of electromagnetic lock mechanism allows easy and smooth operation for fine adjustments to the exposure position, which helps shorten examination time.

Shimadzu Corporation’s medium-term management plan that started in FY 2023 specifies implementing a strategy referred to as “imaging transformation” (IMX) for combining AI and IoT technologies with diagnostic imaging equipment in order to offer new added value. As part of IMX measures, Shimadzu will continue offering solutions for clinics.


1. Patient-Friendly

The exposure position can be adjusted easily and smoothly with one-button operation, which also helps shorten examination times. The soft mat for tabletop that is available as part of the lineup provides a gentler experience for patients and reduces their stress level.

2. Operator-Friendly

The new color and designed console improved the visibility of the display and operating buttons. The console features a “one-touch guide function” that can be used to select the optimal radiographic conditions, such as the examination parts and exposure position, and displays information necessary for examinations, such as the exposure distance. It also provides support for easily performing even unfamiliar examinations for an operator. The system can be linked to the DR system to ensure all steps, from starting examinations to taking images, can be performed more efficiently.

3. Compact Design

The EZy-Rad Pro is designed to enable installation in compact spaces while also ensuring the movement range necessary for performing a wide variety of examinations.


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