General Radiographic System - EZy-Rad Pro

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EZy-Rad Pro

The "One-Touch Guide" feature helps operators perform examinations efficiently by navigating the extensive positioning functionality and radiography parameters.

This system is designed to minimize patient exposure with the removable X-ray grid and dose notification feature. Its compact design allows for installation in locations with limited space.

The EZy-Rad Pro is a user-friendly general radiographic system designed to satisfy the key needs of the clinical workplace.


Various functions designed to reduce the burden on patients during examinations.

Dependable and Easy Positioning

The electromagnetic lock system offers simple and responsive “one-touch” fine positioning, holds the equipment firmly in place and helps reduce examination time. Buttons near the bottom of the left and right handles can be used to rotate the X-ray tube around the horizontal axis.

Dependable and Easy Positioning

Cassette Tracking Function

The cassette tray can track longitudinal movements of the X-ray tube, thus ensuring the correct alignment of the cassette with the X-ray tube focal point. This feature minimizes patient movement. Tracking can be easily disabled for oblique projection.


Quickly navigates the extensive functionality for efficient system setup.

One-Touch Guide Feature

The One-Touch Guide enables quick selection of the optimal radiography parameters from 486 productivity-boosting anatomical-programs based on the radiographic region of interest, projection direction, radiographic technique, and body thickness. The corresponding source-to-image distance, film size, and grid requirements for each radiographic region-of-interest are displayed on the console. This ensures operators can prepare for radiography with confidence even when imaging unfamiliar regions of the body.

Grid Attachment / Detachment Function

For children and other cases, the grid may be removed to reduce patient exposure dose levels.

Remote Lamp Illumination Function

Use the hand switch to illuminate the collimator lamp and allow a final check of the irradiation field from the control room before exposure.

Remote Lamp Illumination Function

Exposure Dose Notification Function

This function displays the exposure dose calculated from the movable collimator aperture and exposure parameter settings.

Exposure Dose Notification Function

Clear Images Enable High-Quality Diagnosis

The 60 kHz high-frequency inverter, high-voltage generator, and 140 kHU high-capacity X-ray tube unit allows short, high-current exposures that produce sharp images, regardless of patient movement.

Clear Images Enable High-Quality Diagnosis

  • * M-Pack
  • * A-Pack, AH-Pack, S-Pack, and SH-Pack: 16 kW, 200mA
  • * MH-Pack, AH-Pack, and SH-Pack: 100 mAs (200 mAs optional)

Compact Size

With the generator tucked under the examination table and no requirement for wall or ceiling supports, the EZy-Rad Pro requires a minimum floor area of only 2.7 m × 1.8 m (2.3 m × 1.35 without the table).

Compact Size

DR Ready Scalable Platform

EZy-Rad Pro can be upgraded to a digital system suited to your expansion plans. This system is scalable at any time in accordance with your budget.

The product design may be partially changed without notice.

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