March 3, 2023 | News & Notices Conserving and Protecting at Least 30 % of Land and Sea by 2030
Joining the “30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity”

Shimadzu Corporation has joined the “30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity,” an alliance established by the Ministry of the Environment, 17 local governments, other organizations and companies in Japan. Commonly referred to as the “30by30,” the goal of the alliance is to conserve and protect at least 30 % of Japan’s land and sea as healthy ecosystems in an effort to halt and recover biodiversity losses (“nature positive”) by 2030. At the June 2021 G7 Summit (held in Cornwall, England), all G7 countries pledged to engage in achieving that same goal. To achieve the “30by30” goal, the alliance is promoting the registration of land with conserved biodiversity as “other effective area-based conservation measures” (OECM) in an international database.

Logo of 30by30 Alliance

Logo of 30by30 Alliance


Shimadzu Corporation has created an approximately 8000m2 green space (Shimadzu Forest) at the Sanjo Works Head Office (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City). Therefore, Shimadzu

agrees with the principles of the alliance in reflection of the company’s forest maintenance activities implemented based on next three perspectives: conserve biodiversity and inherit cultural events primarily for regionally indigenous plant varieties, provide a habitat and environment for biological organisms considering ecosystem networks, and utilize analytical technologies for soil management through industry-academia collaborations. Shimadzu remains committed to contributing toward achieving a sustainable society while also maintaining harmony between the earth, society, and mankind.

Ministry of the Environment website for the “30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity”
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