November 21, 2023 | News & Notices CVC Fund “Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund” has invested in RUTILEA Inc., developing Zero-Code AI.

On Oct 31, Shimadzu Corporation invested in RUTILEA Inc. (RUTILEA), which is developing Zero-Code AI, through its corporate venture capital (CVC) fund, Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund L.P. (Shimadzu FIF). As a dynamic startup, RUTILEA Inc. has primarily concentrated its product development efforts on the manufacturing industry, leveraging image-based processing technologies.

The shortage of human resources in the manufacturing industry is a significant societal issue, and to address this, monitoring systems are being introduced to standardize work processes. However, traditional systems often require specialized programming knowledge and skills. In response, RUTILEA has developed zero-code AI software, which eliminates the need for complex programming by leveraging a pre-trained base model that has learned from extensive data. This software provides various solutions for the manufacturing industry, including document creation and management, visual inspection, and real-time task recognition systems. In particular, it can generate high-resolution images using a diffusion model*. Furthermore, RUTILEA's data collection expertise and advanced image generation technology, such as distinguishing between accurate and defective data, significantly reduces the learning period for AI models.

Shimadzu has been actively incorporating various AI technologies and integrating AI software into analytical and measurement instruments, and medical systems. Shimadzu FIF has invested in RUTILEA, which has the potential of advanced image processing technology. Shimadzu will support RUTILEA's business and contribute to the advancement of an AI platform that streamlines AI development. 

  • * A diffusion model is a type of generative AI technology that learns the degradation process of target images, text, audio, and other data, and reconstructs them accordingly.


CEO Takafumi Yano
Location Kyoto City, Kyoto Pref.
Founded August 2018

About Shimadzu FIF

Name Shimadzu Future Innovation Investment L.P.
Fund Size JPY 5 billion
Fund Term 10 years
Target Stage Seed Early, but also Middle and later in the growth phase
Investment Fields Healthcare, Green Transformation (GX), Materials, Industry
General Partner Global Brain Corporation
Limited Partner Shimadzu Corporation