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Release of RADspeed Pro SR5 Version General Radiographic System

RADspeed Pro SR5 Version General Radiographic System

RADspeed Pro SR5 Version General Radiographic System

Shimadzu Corporation has released the X-ray General Imaging System “RADspeed Pro SR5 Version”. This product aims to improve usability through enhancements in the console and the inclusion of an optical camera that detects patient movements. Those features improve the efficiency of examination procedures and reduce the burden on both healthcare workers and patients.

The RADspeed Pro SR5 Version is an General Radiographic System used for imaging various parts of the body, including the head, chest, abdomen, and limbs. It is used in many clinical departments, and ease of operation that does not depend on the skills, experience, or expertise of healthcare workers is essential. Furthermore, as the workload increases due to infection control measures, there is a demand for features that allow healthcare workers to efficiently perform examinations while focusing on the patient.

The new model includes completely redesigned controls for performing radiography using a console with easier operability and better visibility. It has also improved the handle shape of the X-ray tube support for easier gripping. The “VISION SUPPORT” imaging assistance function (optional), which mounts an optical camera to the X-ray irradiation part, allows the overlay of the patient’s image on the monitor with the X-ray irradiation area and the position of the X-ray detector. This supports the smooth determination of imaging positions, which is usually a time-consuming task. If the patient moves from the determined position, the optical camera detects the movement and notifies with sound and display, reducing the risk of retakes.

Example of Operating the System

Example of Operating the System

Shimadzu’s medium-term management plan specifies implementing a strategy referred to as “imaging transformation” (IMX) for combining AI or IoT technologies with diagnostic imaging equipment to provide new added value. Shimadzu will continue to focus on automation in General Radiographic System through AI technology, aiming to contribute to “human life and well-being”.


1. Enhancing examination efficiency and reducing the burden on healthcare workers

The control console of the X-ray tube support has been equipped with a large touch panel monitor, and the display of the X-ray generator's operation console has been improved, enhancing operability and visibility. The handle of the X-ray tube support has been designed to be easy to grip in size and shape based on the feedback from healthcare workers of various body types. Furthermore, the remote control for the auto-positioning (optional) that automates the movement of the X-ray tube, and the hand switch for X-ray exposure are also wireless (optional), reducing the stress caused by cables.

2. Positioning Assistance with Camera

“VISION SUPPORT” imaging assistance function was developed for assisting examinations based on camera images. By overlaying the patient camera image, X-ray exposure range, and other information on the X-ray tube support and X-ray high voltage generator monitors, technologists can visually confirm on the monitor whether the target location is within the exposure range. VISION SUPPORT can also display the position of the X-ray detector and the photo pickup field of the automatic exposure controller to help ensure more accurate positioning. Because those images can be checked in either the examination room or control room, examinations can be performed while focusing even more attention on patients than ever before. On the monitors of the X-ray tube support and the X-ray generator's operation console, it is possible to overlay the patient image and the X-ray exposure area, allowing for visual confirmation of whether the target area is within the exposure area. Additionally, the position of the X-ray detector and AEC can also be displayed, contributing to more accurate positioning. These images can be checked from both the examination room and the control room, allowing for more attentive patient care during examinations than ever before.

3. Rich Applications Using Camera

For VISION SUPPORT, an extensive selection of application software is available for using the camera images to assist users. With "Motion Detection", the system displays the subject’s body movement on the screen from the predetermined imaging position and it provides both visual alerts and sound warnings, if movements exceed a certain threshold. There is also an optional "Last Position Display" which allows switching between the previously captured image and the real-time image. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer camera image to a digital radiographic system for image processing.

  • Note: VISION SUPPORT is a trademark of Shimadzu Corporation.

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RADspeed Pro SR5 Version General Radiographic System