General Radiographic SystemRADspeed Pro™ SR5 Version

RADspeed Pro SR5 Version

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Optical Camera Application Creates an Environment where Medical Personnel can Focus on Patients

Vision for Patient Concentration

The video image from a camera built into the collimator is displayed on the X-ray tube support control panel and high-voltage generator control panel monitors. The optical camera application provides an environment where medical personnel can focus on patient care.

Supporting you Watching over Patients
Equipped with Optical Camera

In addition to visually checking on patients, you can observe patients from both the examination room and control room.

Image:Equipped with Optical Camera

Reduces Positioning Effort and Improves Accuracy
Live View Display

Supports accurate positioning by showing overlay of detector area, irradiation field and AEC pickup fields*, which are difficult to check directly.

Image:Live View Display

*Guide line overlay is for reference only.
*AEC pickup fields overlay is not available in the United States.

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Reduces Frequency of Repeating Exposures due to Body Movement
Motion Detection

Patient body movement can be confirmed from the point that body movement detection mode is activated.*

Image:Motion Detection

*Check the patient's condition, even directly visually.

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Smoother Positioning Correction during Repeated Exposures
Last Position Display

By checking the immediately previous exposure positioning, positioning can be achieved more smoothly when repeating exposures.

Image:Last Position Display

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Innovations that Improve Operability

Vision for Easy Operation

Healthcare requires multiple complex tasks. To support this hectic work, it is essential to achieve an examination environment that contributes to diagnosing patients, while also ensuring simple and intuitive operability. Shimadzu offers systems optimized for usability.

Image:Vision for Easy Operation

Displays equipment status
Illumination Improves Visibility ICON

Illumination of the X-ray high-voltage generator and ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support enables better understanding of the instrument status. In addition, the hand switch illuminates to indicate the system is ready for the next exposure.

Image:Illumination Improves Visibility

Easy to operate in high positions
Lower Hand Grip ICON

A hand grip is provided on the back side at the bottom of the control panel, and operation is possible by pressing the all-free switch on the front side. Operation is easy even when the X-ray tube support is located in a high position.

Image:Lower Hand Grip

Intuitive operation
Graphic Display of Unlock Buttons ICON

Graphic unlock buttons enable more intuitive operability by displaying button symbols with the unlock direction oriented to match the perspective of the operator in either supine or standing positions.

Image:Graphic Display of Unlock Buttons

Assist Functions Support Positioning

Vision for Reduction of operator burden

A wide range of positioning support functions reduces the operator burden.


Superb Operability
Power Assist Function OPTION

Motors assist handle operations. This reduces the burden on operators during movements by enabling the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support to be moved quickly and lightly.

Image:Power Assist Function

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Changeable with one touch
Assist Level Adjustment

Large movements can be made quickly with lighter force, and precision movements can be made for detailed positioning.

Image:Assist Level Adjustment

Positioning assistance with remote control
Auto-Positioning Feature OPTION

The X-ray tube support can be moved by remote control. This enables smooth positioning while observing the patient.

Image:Auto-Positioning Feature

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No cables in the way
Wireless Remote Controller for Automatic Positioning

An infrared wireless remote controller is used to prevent cable interference. In addition to instrument movements, it can also control the collimator. Actions immediately stop when the remote control operations are stopped.

Image:Wireless Remote Controller for Automatic Positioning

High Throughput

Vision for High Throughput

Use it to perform examinations smoothly, while relieving patient anxiety. To achieve both, a system is required that can shorten examination times while ensuring safety. Shimadzu supports efficient examination process flows for front-line healthcare workplaces.

Image:Vision for High Throughput

Auto Stitching of Long View Images
Speed Stitch OPTION ICON

The X-ray tube swings and the FPD moves automatically to capture images.The captured image data is then automatically stitched together in the DR system. That makes it easy to create images that are wide along the longitudinal direction of the body.*

  • *This functionality is available for systems that combine a Shimadzu BR-120 or BR-120T Bucky stand and a BK-200 Bucky table with a DR system from other manufacturers. For information about compatible DR systems, contact a Shimadzu sales representative.
Image:Speed Stitch

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Operable from any position on the operation room
Wireless Exposure Switch OPTION ICON

A Bluetooth wireless hand switch enables freely acquiring images from any position in the control room.*

  • *There are restrictions on available countries.
Image:Wireless Exposure Switch

600kHU Quick Ready X-Ray Tube

Because only 0.8 seconds is required to prepare for exposures after pressing the exposure button, images can be acquired quickly, even for patients with difficulty holding their breath or holding a particular body position. The X-ray tube anode starts high-speed rotation when the collimator lamp is illuminated.

Image:Speed Shot

Consideration for the Patients 

Vision for Patient Care

Patient Care  in Physical Form

Image:Vision for Patient Care

Rubber Cushioning for
Extra Safety ICON

The bottom of the X-ray tube support and the perimeter of the collimator radiation port are covered with soft rubber cushioning material. That tenderly protects patients by reducing their risk of injury from unexpectedly sitting up after exposures have been taken in the supine position and hitting their head on the instrument.

Reduction of Radiation Exposure
Collimator with Automatic Filter ICON

An automatic filter function is included that automatically switches the filter coupled with the collimator when the APR mode is selected based on the exposure area. Four filter modes can be preset (0.1, 0.2, or 0.3 mm thick copper or no filter).

Smooth Patient Confirmation
Check Patient Information in the Examination Room OPTION ICON

Patient information can be displayed on the control panel. This ensures patients can be smoothly identified in the examination room.

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