March 4, 2021 | News & Notices First Time Selected as “Health and Productivity Management” Brand and Fifth Consecutive Year Certified as a “White 500” Company with Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Practices

First Time Selected as “Health and Productivity Management” Brand

This is the first time Shimadzu Corporation has been selected by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a “2021 Health and Productivity Management” brand, which recognizes publicly listed companies with outstanding health and productivity management practices. The program is intended to select companies that manage the health of employees from a managerial perspective and implement “health management” in a strategic manner.
Furthermore, for the fifth consecutive year, Shimadzu has been recognized as a “White 500” company, which is a publicly listed company or other large company with outstanding health and productivity management practices.

Shimadzu considers employee health and safety and the freedom to work with vigor and enthusiasm as the basis for company management and believes they result in the management principle “Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth.” In 2017, we issued a health declaration to promote maintaining and improving the health of employees and their families, in cooperation with the Health Insurance Association and the labor union to promote a program named “Miru-Miru Genki” that involves activities in five areas—exercise, diet, quitting smoking, mental health, and sleep. The program also uses web solutions and other means to promote visible health management.

Miru-Miru Genki Health Improvement Activities


Shimadzu created some original stretching exercises for the upper body, lower body, and eyes. They can easily be used at work, on business trips, or at home to help improve focus, inhibit fatigue, prevent disease, and prevent occupational accidents. Each Wednesday is designated as a “healthcare day” with employees encouraged to quit working at the scheduled time and engage in activities that improve health. Before the coronavirus pandemic, health-improvement events were conducted for trying yoga, participating in the Kyoto Marathon, or tennis instruction, for example.
Miru-Miru Genki Health Improvement Activities Exercise


To communicate the importance of breakfast, employees are taught nutritious breakfasts that can be prepared easily even on mornings with limited time. The employee cafeteria offers healthy lunch and dinner options with less than 650 kcal and provides a system for confirming salt, fat, and calorie intake. The employee health handbook “Mind and Body Health Book” promotes lifestyle disease prevention.


Miru-Miru Genki Health Improvement Activities Diet
Healthy Menu at Employee Cafeteria

Sleep, Mind, and Smoking

To help improve sleeping habits, a workshop is offered to learn about sleep quality. The first step for self-care is to notice signs of stress in yourself as early as possible. Therefore, Shimadzu provides counselors within the company and has contracts with specialists outside the company to ensure employees can talk to someone at any time. For management personnel, employee mental health training is offered to provide necessary knowledge and skills.
The 22nd of every month is designated as a “Shimadzu No-Smoking Day” with smoking prohibited at all Shimadzu facilities throughout the day. The goal is to institute no-smoking policies at all Shimadzu facilities by 2025.

Health Declaration

1. Ensuring Health

We will be highly mindful of our health and engage in independently maintaining our own health.
In addition, together with our colleagues we will endeavor to create a secure, safe, and comfortable workplace.

2. Sustaining Businesses Through Health

We will uphold the company spirit of promoting employee health, which has continued since the company was founded in 1875. In addition, by supplying leading-edge scientific technologies and services, we will help ensure the health of employees and society and promote the growth and prosperity of our businesses.

3. Contributing to Future of Society Through Health

We will grow together with society and strive to help create a prosperous future for mankind based on ensuring the health of our employees and their families, who are at the core of our business operations, and based on our corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology.”

Health and Productivity Management