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Health and Productivity Management

We believe that ensuring the physical and mental health of each employee will lead to increasing corporate value. Therefore, we have been working to establish systems and create workplace environments that allow employees to work without worrying about their health. In October 2017, we published our Health Declaration and began promoting health management. We also started offering new healthcare technologies and services created by Shimadzu to employees.

Health Declaration

The health and safety of each employee and their ability to work positively and with vitality serve as the basis for achieving Shimadzu Corporation's management principle "Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth". Accordingly, we declare that we will strive toward realizing our wishes for health.

1. Ensuring Health

We will be highly mindful of our health and engage in independently maintaining our own health. In addition, together with our colleagues we will endeavor to create a secure, safe, and comfortable workplace.

2. Sustaining Businesses Through Health

We will uphold the company spirit of promoting employee health, which has continued since the company was founded in 1875. In addition, by supplying leading-edge scientific technologies and services, we will help ensure the health of employees and society and promote the growth and prosperity of our businesses.

3. Contributing to Future of Society Through Health

We will grow together with society and strive to help create a prosperous future for mankind based on ensuring the health of our employees and their families, who are at the core of our business operations, and based on our corporate philosophy "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology".

Promotional Organization

Promotional Organization

Preparing the Health Guide "Mind and Body Health Book"

Including topics on exercise, diet, and sleep, the health guide was prepared in March 2018 to help employees improve their health on their own by reviewing their daily routines to prevent lifestyle diseases or improve their life habits. It will be distributed to all Shimadzu Group employees in an effort to promote awareness about health.

Mind and Body Health Book

Health Guide
"Mind and Body Health Book"

Introducing the “kencom” Health Web Service

The “kencom” health web service was introduced to increase awareness about health and instill healthy habits in Shimadzu employees. Enrollment had reached 81.5 % by the end of March 2022. On kencom, users can record step counts and weight, participate in health events, view their health checkup results and medication histories, and more. The service aims to promote health improvement activities by awarding points for participating in health events or taking actions that lead to lifestyle improvements. The points can be exchanged for gift certificates or products while also making participation fun for the participants. Some of the points earned for participating in team-based walking events are donated to the Nippon Foundation, which helps medical personnel and others working on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing the “kencom” Health Web Service

Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

Certified occupational health personnel within the company check the daily health status of Shimadzu Group employees to prevent infections from spreading by treating any employees with symptoms as early as possible. In addition, a paid vacation system has been put into place in the event of illness due to COVID-19 that can also be used for recuperating after a vaccination, recovering from coronavirus symptoms, or staying at home to care for children. Other measures to prevent infections include installing acrylic panels in meeting spaces and employee cafeterias, setting up non-contact temperature sensors at the entrances to office spaces, and positioning disinfectants at various locations to provide worry-free spaces. As measures to ensure production facilities function smoothly and maintain workplace environments where the three types of density-related infection risks can be avoided (poor room ventilation, crowds, and proximity to others), we recommend that meetings be held online, encourage flex-time work schedules and staggered company cafeteria lunch breaks, and also provide an allowance for telecommuting to those who can work from home. Workplace vaccination programs have been expanded to employee families to prevent infections at home.

Reception Desk for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

Reception Desk for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

Venue for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

Venue for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations

PCR Testing System Established at the In-House Shimadzu Clinic

A COVID-19 PCR testing service was started at the Shimadzu in-house clinic for Group employees (those without symptoms). It began in the spring of 2021 with a Shimadzu AutoAmp gene analyzer (Class I general medical device) and Shimadzu Ampdirect 2019-nCoV detection kits (in-vitro diagnostic product) that enable physicians and nurses at the clinic to perform tests and report test results as early as on the same day. The tests are mostly being given to those involved in businesses related to COVID-19 countermeasure products or who have been requested to confirm negative results by business partners, suppliers, and so on.

Subsidizing Breast Cancer Examination Expenses with Elmammo Avant Class Dedicated Breast PET System

In cooperation with Medical Corporation Chionkai, we established a system for subsidizing the cost of obtaining a breast cancer examination using a Shimadzu Elmammo Avant Class dedicated breast PET system. The subsidy system was established to promote the early detection and early treatment of breast cancer by increasing the ratio of women receiving breast exams. Female employees or spouses of male

Elmammo Avant Class dedicated breast PET system

Elmammo Avant Class
Dedicated Breast PET System

Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2021-2023

For the third consecutive year, Shimadzu Corporation is selected as a "2023 Health & Productivity Stock Selection" jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange to select companies that are strategically pursuing employee health management from a managerial perspective.

Health & Productivity Stock Selection

Recognized as "White 500" Company with Superior Health Management

For the eighth consecutive year, Shimadzu Corporation is recognized jointly by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi as a 2024 “White 500” company, which recognizes large corporations with outstanding health and productivity management practices.

Management Organization Recognition Program-White 500

Mil – Mil – Genki Exercise

Original Exercise "KEEP Fit!"
You can easily stretch your body anytime during work, business trip or at home. Just like eating and sleeping, it is a habit in daily life, and we made an original exercise for the purpose of keeping it comfortable and enjoyable. This exercise consists of three patterns: upper body, lower body, and eyes. Some departments do it every morning to wake the body from the inside and make the day comfortable.

【Effect of exercise】

Implementation of health promotion events

Every Wednesday is designated as "Healthcare Day※" and various events are held to maintain and improve health after work. From September to November, as part of our health promotion activities, we work hard at physical activity events such as physical fitness meetings and yoga.

※【Healthcare Day】
Shimadzu launched a “No Overtime Day” initiative in 1992 to encourage employees to leave work on time once a week. Since January 2017, the number of days covered has been expanded to 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The name of the day on which employees leave the office on time has been changed to "refresh day". This name reflects the way they use and spend their time after leaving the office. This change has been used to promote the health of employees and improve their abilities.





Participation in Kyoto Marathon

Shimadzu sponsors the Kyoto Marathon, and runners from the Shimadzu Group participate in the event. In the marathon held in February 2020, Shimadzu supported 14 runners with training by expert coaches, and on the day of the event, a group of supporters cheering in unison encouraged the runners. To increase health literacy, Shimadzu also sponsored seminars by expert coaches on exercising core muscles and on extending healthy life expectancy, providing advice to employees, including those who did not take part in the marathon. In 2022, six Shimadzu Group runners participated in the Online Kyoto 2022 marathon.

Participation in Kyoto Marathon

Tennis Workshop by Shimadzu Tennis Team Members

The SHIMADZU Breakers tennis team members conducted a tennis workshop for employees, their families, and children from the local community. The joy of playing tennis was conveyed through technical advice from and interaction with the world-ranked athletes on the team. The “For Your Winning!” column posted on the Breakers team website is written by the athletes themselves. The articles about conditioning the mind and body help encourage people who do not exercise enough to start exercising and those who already enjoy sports to have even more fun.

Tennis Workshop by Shimadzu Tennis Team Members

Tennis Workshop by Shimadzu Tennis Team Members

Activities to Reduce Smoking

Shimazu Group aims for total non-smoking and less than 10% smoking rate in 2025!
Since the declaration of health in October 2017, the passive smoking prevention project was launched in April 2018 from the viewpoints of (1) securing a healthy labor force, (2) improving productivity, (3) improving employee morale, and (4) improving employee health literacy.
In March 2020, with the exception of some branches, all business sites abolished indoor smoking areas. Since April 2020, smoking has been prohibited during working hours (except for lunch break).
In addition to efforts to prevent passive smoking, efforts are being made to promote smoking cessation, such as sending PURE AIR communications and distributing free nicotine gum patches.


Health x Dining Collaboration to Improve Dietary Habits and Breakfast Project

The Dietary Improvement Project was launched in April 2019. The first year was to motivate people to improve their eating habits, and in collaboration with the cafeteria, registered dietitian arranged a recipe devised by the employee and provided them to employees.
In the 2nd phase, Eating the NARO Style Bento developed by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization was conducted for 12 weeks. 15 employees took part in this activity and 13 employees completed it. The average weight loss was -1.6 kg.
From FY 2020, we will implement measures for breakfast intake and the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, aiming at the establishment of dietary improvements.

Health x Dining Collaboration to Improve Dietary Habits and Breakfast Project

Improving Sleep with Sleep Checkups and Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Examinations

Sleep checkups and sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) examinations are initiatives to improve presenteeism and lifestyle-related diseases through early treatment by having employees check their own sleep habits and sleep issues. It also leads to safer work by employees who drive vehicles.


Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Examination Kit
Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS) Examination Kit

Mental Health Help Desks Established within and outside the Company

The first step for self-care is to notice signs of stress in yourself as early as possible. Full-time mental health experts are available within the company for employees to consult regarding mental health concerns. We also have an external Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that Shimadzu Group employees or their families can use at any time. In response to the pandemic and changes in working practices, assistance is also offered online. Self-care training videos and e-Learning training content are available as mental health and training resources for Shimadzu and Shimadzu Group companies.

Mental Health Help Desks Established within and outside the Company
Mental Health Help Desks Established within and outside the Company

Blood Drive Activities

Conducting a Blood Drive

Conducting a Blood Drive

The Shimadzu Blood Drive Committee sponsors two blood drives each year (spring and fall) at four Shimadzu sites (Sanjo Works, Murasakino Works, Keihanna, and Seta Works). In FY 2021, 357 people donated blood during the spring and fall events while taking measures to prevent any COVID-19 infections.


Number of Blood Drive Participants