April 7, 2022 | News & Notices AI (Artificial Intelligence) Incorporates the Skills of a Highly Experienced Operator to Provide easy-to-interpret Tomosynthesis Images with Ease
Release of New Software for the Multi-purpose Digital R/F System SONIALVISION G4

On April 7th in 2022, in Kyoto, Japan, Shimadzu Corporation releases the Tomosynthesis*1 application “T-smart PRO” *2 in the global market as an option for the Digital R/F System SONIALVISION G4. This advanced software automatically sets recommended reconstruction parameters and provides easy-to-interpret images by one push of a button, without relying on human know-how and skills. This was achieved with Shimadzu AI solution utilizing deep learning technology to incorporate with the skills of a highly experienced operator.

As a global transition of aging, there is growing interest in achieving improved quality of life via healthy locomotor systems (bones, other tissues and organs that support and move the body) and their care. The number of people in their 60s to 80s is increasing who receive artificial joint replacement surgery to improve their locomotor functions such as walking ability, and over 170,000 examinations*3 are performed each year in Japan.
Since its launch in 2013, SONIALVISION G4 has been delivered over 1,600 units worldwide and supported follow-up after joint replacement surgery. The new software, T-smart PRO, helps improve work efficiency and system throughput in busy clinical settings by providing easy-to-interpret images with simple workflow, which reduces examination time and the burden on healthcare workers.

  • *1 “Tomosynthesis” is a medical term derived from the words ‘Tomography’ and 'Synthesis’, and is imaging technology for creating sectional images from multiple contiguous radiographic images.
    *2 The AI technology used in T-smart PRO is a "trained model" that was trained at some point and performed accuracy evaluation. It doesn't continue learning after installation.
    *3 Referenced from the data of the Japanese Society for Replacement Arthroplasty.

Features of the new Tomosynthesis application "T-smart PRO" with automatic parameter setting function

There is a demand for tomographic images that enable detailed observation of affected areas after procedures involving artificial joints and bone fixation with wires or other metals. T-smart PRO automatically sets recommended parameters based on collected data and provides easy-to-interpret Tomosynthesis images.
Tomosynthesis by SONIALVISION G4 is highly evaluated as very useful for observing affected areas because it provides high quality images at low X-ray dose levels with minimal metal artifacts (image interference caused by metal objects), and it can be performed freely at any patient position such as standing position where tomographic images can be obtained under normal weight-loaded conditions.  

1. Automatic extraction of metals enables easy acquisition of clearly observable images

T-smart PRO using AI technology automatically sets parameters to reduce metal artifacts and enhance metal extraction accuracy. You can obtain reconstructed images with minimal metal artifacts without any needs for specialized skills.

2. Automatic determination of reconstruction range provides highly efficient workflow

T-smart PRO estimates the height and body thickness of a target and automatically sets the reconstruction range. This reduces the likelihood that the region of interest falls outside the reconstructed image, an error that can occur when manually setting parameters, and enables Tomosynthesis examinations to be performed with the patient in a comfortable position.

The range for tomographic reconstruction (arrows) is set automatically, providing a highly efficient workflow without the need for parameter adjustments.


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