Multi-purpose R/F System - SONIALVISION G4

BEST in CLASS Multi-functional Universal R/F System


With the SONIALVISION G4, Shimadzu offers the BEST in CLASS Multi-functional Universal RF System - one that is useful in a variety of examinations and examination environments, provides high image quality minimizing X-ray dose levels, and is easy to operate.

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BEST Performance - Versatile Design for Various Examinations

The system has been thoughtfully designed to consider all users in a diversity of situations, making it ideal for a wide variety of examinations, such as Orthopedics, General Radiography Studies, Barium Studies, Endoscopy, Urology and Angiography etc. Long imaging chain’s movement capability and 17 × 17 inches wide field FPD will provide you more than 2.0m long patient coverage without moving a patient, which enables you to perform all kinds of examinations in very safe conditions.

BEST Performance - Versatile Design for Various Examinations

BEST Imaging - Consistently High Image Quality

Best-in-class, 139 µm ultra-small pixel pitch FPD and SUREengine Advance, state-of-the-art digital Image processing technology ensures the highest image quality ever.

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Comprehensive Dose Reduction and Management

SONIALVISION G4 achieves comprehensive dose reduction as a total system, equipped with various functions to reduce radiation exposure levels effectively such as removable grid, ideal Grid-controlled Pulsed fluoroscopy, new collimator with Multi Beam Hardening(MBH) filters, Virtual Collimation and above-mentioned high quality imaging ability itself will also contribute to even further dose reduction possibility while keeping good output image quality.

Comprehensive Dose Reduction and Management
Comprehensive Dose Reduction and Management

SONIALVISION G4 will be the most-advanced universal system solution for your future which will increase your productivity and safety in your conventional RF rooms, and new-coming application features born from creative thinking will provide even greater new clinical advantages for you.


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Exhibition Schedule

  • 1-5 Mar. ECR, Vienna Austria
    14-16 Apr. ITEM, Yokohama Japan
    4-7 May JPR, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    15-18 May CMEF, Shanghai China
    10-12 Jul. AHRA, Anaheim USA
    26-30 Nov. RSNA, Chicago USA


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