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January 29, 2024 | News & Notices Release of the SPG-V500 Laser Spectrum Analyzer in China  Provides High Speed, High Resolution, and a Wide Wavelength Range, Supporting your Request from Laser Research and Development to Manufacturing

Laser Spectrum Analyzer "SPG-V500"

Laser Spectrum Analyzer "SPG-V500"

On January 29th 2024, Shimadzu Corporation will release the SPG-V500 laser spectrum analyzer on the Chinese market.
This instrument can reliably assess the behavior of a laser spectrum thanks to high-wavelength resolution exceeding 0.04 nm, and real-time measurements. In addition, it supports laser measurements at wavelengths from 185 to 1095 nm, thanks to our proprietary wavelength control technology.

Optical spectrum analyzers are instruments that measure the spectra*1 of lasers. They are utilized for quality control and R&D of laser elements, solid state lasers, and modules consisting of combinations of laser elements. Worldwide demand for laser elements and laser modules is anticipated to expand as they are used in laser machining devices, displays, and illumination, and as the sensing light source for LiDAR*2, which is indispensable for self-driving technology. Accordingly, the necessity of laser spectral measurement instruments has also increased.
The SPG-V500 is equipped with software that provides high-level basic performance and is also designed to simplify laser wavelength measurements. The aim is to become the new benchmark in the expanding optical spectrum analyzer market.


1. Real-Time Measurements Leading to Faster Development Speeds

With general laser spectral measurement analyzers, it is necessary to change the wavelength sequentially during measurement, meaning that quality control and evaluations of laser elements and adjustments to the assembly of laser modules take time. The SPG-V500 obtains the entire spectrum using the built-in CMOS sensor, so measurement times are shortened by 90 % or more, providing real-time measurements. In addition to shortening measurement times, the spectral behavior can be reliably assessed, which contributes to improved development speeds and lower manufacturing costs.

2. Wide Wavelength Range Enables Measurements of Ultraviolet, Visible, and Near-Infrared Light with a Single Instrument

Thanks to Shimadzu’s proprietary wavelength control technology, measurements can now be performed across wavelengths ranging from 185 to 1095 nm, with high resolution in excess of 0.04 nm. A single SPG-V500 unit can measure a variety of laser spectra, including the 4th harmonic (266 nm) of YAG lasers and excimer lasers, which were difficult to measure with previous models.
Note: The range of simultaneously measured wavelengths is determined by the configured wavelengths.

3. High Usability Thanks to Dedicated Software

The dedicated software provided is specialized for laser spectral measurements, and up to 10 measurement conditions including wavelengths and integration times can be configured and stored. In addition, graphs are provided for visualizing the laser characteristics against a variety of indices, thereby supporting behavioral evaluations.
Further, DLLs (C#) and sample software (C# and Python) are provided enabling control of the instrument from the customer’s software, for the purpose of constructing and incorporating inspection equipment.

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