Diffraction GratingsDiffraction Grating for Laser Systems LA Series

DIFFRACTION GRATING for Laser Systems LA Series


• High diffraction efficiency
• Wide wavelength coverage
• Wide selection
• Customizable

These gratings are suitable for various laser applications (external resonator, external cavity, pulse control). Applying TM waves (S-polarization) *1, a high diffraction efficiency is expected for a wide range of wavelengths. The LA Series products are replicated using high-quality masters. All nine products in this LA Series are customizable for laser resistance, substrate, size and other customer requirements.

Standard Specifications

Grating Type Equally spaced straight-groove replica grating *2
Blank material Low expansion Borosilicate glass
Dimensions *3 60±0.2 (W) x 60±0.2 (H) x 10±0.5 (T)
Effective area Total area less 2mm strip around the perimeter
Groove density tolerance ±0.5 grooves/mm
Coating *4 Aluminum (Al) or Gold (Au)
Scratches and Digs 80-50 (in accordance with MIL-O-13830A)
  • *1:The grating groove direction and the oscillation direction of electric field vector is perpendicular.
  • *2:The grating grooves are formed with resin.
    Be sure to prevent condensation as this can cause a significant deterioration of optical characteristics.
    The external appearances and specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • *3:LA0600-39901 : 58±0.2 (W) x 58±0.2 (H) x 10±0.5 (T)
  • *4:LA1600-68903 : Au Coating

Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing