Diffraction GratingsLow Stray Light Diffraction Gratings [Lo-Ray-Ligh®]

Low Stray Light Diffraction Gratings


Shimadzu’s new holographic exposure method and optimized etching process have made it possible to produce both high-efficient and exceptionally low stray light gratings.


LO-RAY-LIGH® has guaranteed values of stray light at the intermediate position between zero-order and + first-order lights. The values are measured by Shimadzu's laser stray-light-measuring system.

1. Low Stray Light Values

The stray light values are at less than half of conventional gratings.

stray light values

Comparison of Conventional Diffraction Gratings vs Low Stray Light Diffraction Grating (LO-RAY-LIGH®)

Schematic of Measuring System

2. Vicinity of First-Order Light

The light intensity at vicinity of first-order light of LO-RAY-LIGH® looks like a profile as if being the silhouette of the mermaid line into the deep sea.

Stray light values *LO-RAY-LIGH and the LO-RAY-LIGH logo are registered trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation in the U.S.

3. Relative Diffraction efficiency

LO-RAY-LIGH® is high efficient.

Relative Diffraction efficiency
Relative Diffraction efficiency * These relative diffraction efficiency data are not the guaranteed values but representative ones.