R/F System


The SONIALVISION Series are the R/F systems used to perform examinations such as barium examinations of the stomach. The SONIALVISION G4 is part of a new generation of R/F systems that can perform a variety of examinations, including urinary system and orthopedic examinations.

What Is the SONIALVISION G4 R/F System?

There is an increasing demand for radiography/fluoroscopy systems capable of performing more than just general gastrointestinal examinations, endoscopic procedures, and swallowing imaging, but examinations and procedures in a variety of medical fields previously performed using dedicated equipment, such as in urology, pediatrics, and orthopedic surgery. Shimadzu developed the SONIALVISION G4 to be a multi-functional system that is easy to use in a clinical setting and provides both high image quality and reduced radiation exposure. The SONIALVISION G4 improves system utilization rates at medical institutions by being capable of performing a variety of different examinations.

Creating a Better Medical Device

The SONIALVISION G4 bundles together the hanging cables and harnesses that are a common feature in radiography units, and routes them inside the system wherever possible. The system is designed to be more refined in appearance and easier to clean, helping to maintain a general state of cleanliness.

Clean Appearance Well Suited to Medical Spaces

With CT systems and MRI systems as exceptions, exposed cabling has become an accepted feature of medical equipment with mechanically-driven parts. Shimadzu sought to tackle this always present but often ignored problem, and design a system with internally-routed cabling. Cleanliness is a fundamental necessity for medical equipment, and with the SONIALVISION G4 Shimadzu focused on this feature to produce a system with a clean appearance that is well suited to clinical spaces and comes with an outer cover that is easy to clean of dust.

New Operation System for Improved Safety and Ease-of-Use

After a period of repeated prototyping based on user feedback, the operation system is newly designed for improved safety and ease-of-operation.
Users unfamiliar with the system are helped by default imaging modes displayed on the console touch panel, which allow the user to capture the desired radiographic images with a simple setting up of conditions.
With a button layout that does not interfere with lever operation, the entire system has been designed for smooth operation, both in physical layout of controls and in transitions between screens.
Colors have been modified to increase visibility without being garish by focusing on an integrated overall system color design.

Curved Lines That Invoke Confidence and Peace-of-Mind

The design of the tried-and-trusted current generation SONIALVISION safire has been evolved to create a less angular construction using curved lines to evoke confidence and peace-of-mind. Exposed cabling from the X-ray tube and routed across supports that was an unsightly aspect of the current generation system has been successfully integrated inside the system, and chamfering is used externally to achieve a cleaner and more compact appearance.
The newly designed collimator has a soft cover made of impact-absorbing material to protect against accidental head injuries, and controls that adjust radiography imaging area have been placed slightly away from center in a more natural position for grasping.

Console cart legs are now made of extruded aluminum in a design that combines robustness with quality. In the newly designed console, effort has gone into making thoughtful design improvements such as placing the most frequently used switches in front of the user, and preventing accidental inputs by raising the area around switches used to manipulate movable parts.

Operators Are Not the Only Users of Medical Equipment

When designing medical equipment, Shimadzu takes into consideration the perspectives of both the patient and the operator to give peace-of-mind to the patient and provide ease-of-use to the operator. Products created by Shimadzu differ from consumer products in the length of their use, and are designed based on the expectation they will still be in use after 10 years.

Product Designer: Shogo Hoshino


January 31, 2013
44th Machine Design Award, JDP Award (2014)
2013 Good Design Award