i -DReC Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator

Technology for extended dynamic range dramatically

i -DReC is the data analysis technology which enabling reliable quantitation of high concentration samples without need for sample dilution and reinjection.

When analyzing a high-concentration sample, a peak may exceed the dynamic range of the detector and prevent a correct area value from being obtained. Using i -DReC, the target peak area (height) can be determined by multiplying the peak area (height) obtained from a chromatogram chosen at correction wavelength (λb) showing low absorption by a sensitivity coefficient(=la/lb) determined from ratio of intensity (la) at spectral wavelength (λa) and intensity (lb) at wavelength (λb) .
(See Fig.1 )

The sensitivity factor is calculated automatically by software, so the dynamic range can be extended with a simple operation.

Fig. 1

Simultaneous quantitative analysis of components with large concentration differences is also possible

An example of the simultaneous quantitative analysis of acetaminophen, caffeine, and an impurity, which are included in an over-the-counter cold medicine, is shown below. Calibration curves of high-level acetaminophen and a trace-level impurity can be created from the single analysis data.

Since three components with large differences in concentrations can be analyzed simultaneously, the effort spent changing the dilution ratio from component to component is eliminated.

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