Nexera™ Technologies

What are Nexera Technologies?

Nexera is an all-round LC system like no other and is truly worthy of being called a next-generation UHPLC system.
It uses the most advanced technologies for allowing customers to pursue high-speed, high-resolution, high-performance and expandability, so-called “Nexera Technologies”.

"The Only No Compromise UHPLC System"

Maximizing Throughput

With a pressure range up to 130 MPa, high-speed injection, overlapping injection and highly efficient gradient mixing, Nexera enables ultra-high speed and ultra-high resolution analysis.

Dual Stream Technology
On-Line SFE-SFC system
Maximizing Analytical Reliability

Micro-volume plungers provide precise solvent delivery and low injection volumes to achieve excellent injection reproducibility and extremely low carryover.
The outstanding core performance capabilities of the Nexera provide highly reliable data in all types of application fields.

Nexera Mikros™LC-Mikros™


Maximizing Expandability

The Nexera column oven and autosampler, along with the modular flexibility of the system, expand the application range.
These applications include high-temperature analysis, green LC, auto-sample pretreatment and multidimensional LC separation.

On-Line SFE-SFC system
i -PDeA II
i -DReC
Technologies for apparatus Analytical Technologies

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