i -PDeA II Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis II

The data analysis technology for extracting target peaks from unseparated peaks

i -PDeA II function can separate peaks for multiple components in absorption spectra and chromatograms by simply specifying the wavelength and time ranges.

The i -PDeA II peak separation algorithm is included in LabSolutions™ data analysis functionality.
By using the data analysis functionality in LabSolutions, the entire process of separating peaks, integrating the areas under separated peaks, and calculating quantitative values can be performed seamlessly without any data conversion and spectra can be identified and libraries searched based on peak-top spectra.

Advantage of i -PDeA II

  1. Fast and accurate quantitative analysis is possible even if components are not fully separated in the column.
  2. i -PDeA II can even be used to analyze isomers with identical molecular weights.
  3. Spectral data can be analyzed even after peak separation.

Capable of separating three or more coelution peaks that can not be completely separated by the column

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