Nexera Mikros™ LC-Mikros™

Technology for enabling use wide flow rates range from micro to semi-micro

When using LC-Mikros, the valves can be switched into three different states: only pump A is connected to the mixer, only pump B is connected to the mixer, or both pump A and B are connected to the mixer.
As a result, the back flow of the solvent occurred when either pump A or B is off is reliably prevented, and the micro flow rate is achieved.

The LC-Mikros solvent delivery pump has completely new direct-drive engineering to deliver a wide range of flows from micro to semi-micro(1-500 μL/min) in both isoclatic and gradient elution modes.
Thus, a simultaneous analysis of multicomponent ranging from polar to hydrophobic compounds can be realized.

Flowrate: 5 μL/min
Column: Shim-pack MC C18 (0.3 mmID x 150 mm)
*Obtainded under our specified conditions.
  Average Retention Time Standard Deviation RSD
Gly-Tyr 5.31 0.009 0.16%
Val-Tyr-Val 7.97 0.006 0.07%
Angiotensin II 9.32 0.015 0.16%
Leu enkephalin 9.71 0.011 0.11%
Met enkephalin 10.5 0.012 0.11%
Time (min) 1 11 11.1 13 13.1 25
Concentration B 1% 40% 90% 90% 1% 1%

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