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Genzo Sr. created the Physics and Chemistry Industrial Arts Journal in July 1886 (19th year of the Meiji period). This monthly magazine featured the latest theories and information about physics and chemistry, and was produced in association with learned people who had studied abroad in Western countries. It explored academic theories focusing on up-to-date knowledge and introduced practical science and technology by quoting from other science magazines published in the West.

By looking at an advertisement in the first issue of the Physics and Chemistry Industrial Arts Journal, we can see that the business at the time was described as “the manufacture and sale of instruments for physics and chemistry and various machines. “ In the fifth issue, we can see that the business had expanded with “the tuning of medical equipment” added to the description. In the eighth issue, in addition to the above description, the distributors they had established were introduced—two in Kyoto, three in Osaka, and one in Okayama and Kanazawa respectively—wich reveals they had expanded their sales channels as well.

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