November 8, 2022

Social Day 2022 in Germany – Supporting Children’s Experience in Nature

35 members of Shimadzu Europa GmbH and Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH

35 employees from SEG and SDG got together this year.

On September 9, European Headquarters Shimadzu Europa GmbH (SEG) and its German sales organization, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH (SDG), held a Social Day activity!

Since 2013, SEG and SDG employees have been working on various Social Day activities to take responsibility for the people and the environment in Duisburg. For the Social Day activity this year, they chose to support a forest kindergarten by creating facilities for kids using natural materials such as “forest sofas” in the forest of Duisburg.


The Forest Kindergarten “Zwergenland”

Zwergenland is the first forest kindergarten in Duisburg which provides experiences in nature for kids aged three to six. Through the sensory-driven experience in the open-air playgrounds, children discover new things and develop a connection with the environment.

During the day, 35 employees made two “forest sofas” with natural materials. Participants put the tree elements together to form a seating circle with a backrest of branches. Children and caregivers will sit on these sofas together in circles every morning and enjoy nature as a vast playground.

Forest sofas with a backrest of branches.

Forest sofas with a backrest of branches. Some of the branches have leaves on them.

Shimadzu team members removed weeds and stones from the ground to create a sandbox of natural mud. While feeling the texture of natural mud with their hands, children can play with scoops and shovels. The team tried to make a comfortable playground by fixing tents and building flower bed. These natural gathering places can strengthen children’s awareness of nature and brighten up their daycare routine with singing, telling stories, and crafting. This area will also be used by senior citizens and people from rehabilitation facilities, and thus it will help the intergenerational coexistence of the local society.

Creating a sandbox of natural mud.

Creating a sandbox of natural mud.

Empowering the Team

Social Day activities are not only for contributing to local society; they also give all participants an opportunity to meet new people and to encourage team spirit. Florian Geistmann, the Managing Director of SDG, highlights the importance of standing together as one team and achieving something for society and the team.

Melanie Jeromin, a director of the kindergarten, and several SEG and SDG members gave a comment about the activity on a video. Let’s enjoy watching it!


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