November 22, 2022

Cultivating Breast Cancer Awareness and Regular Breast Checkups - Shimadzu Pink Ribbon Activities

Shimadzu Corporation is promoting pink ribbon activities in order to promote awareness of breast cancer and to increase the percentage of individuals undergoing breast examinations. This year, in October, we released a video to promote regular examinations and enhance daily breast cancer awareness as part of the Pink Ribbon Month Campaign.


Examinations and Breast Cancer Awareness for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions that breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer worldwide for women. According to Cancer Statistics in Japan 2022, released by the Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research, one in nine Japanese women will contract breast cancer, and the morbidity incident rate increases sharply after age 35. However, stage I breast cancer’s 10-year relative survival rate is 98.3 %, so early detection is of paramount importance for saving lives.

Shimadzu encourages regular breast examinations, and the practice of “breast cancer awareness,” which involves daily care for the condition and changes in your breasts.

Raising Employees Awareness

This year, as part of our health management efforts, we supported events hosted by the Pink Ribbon Kyoto Executive Committee, where employees can participate. In addition, we convened an in-house lecture by Keiichi Nakagawa, Project Professor of a research unit for comprehensive radiation oncology at The University of Tokyo Graduate School. Participants learned about cancer morbidity rates in Japan and what people should know to save lives.

Comment from the Employee in Charge of the Pink Ribbon Activities

Here is a message from the employee in the Corporate Communication Department, who is promoting pink ribbon activities at Shimadzu.

It is said that most cases of breast cancer are often found through self-examination. Everyone hopes that lives can be saved through early detection and treatment, for yourself and your loved ones.

This year as well, we worked with Shimadzu Group employees in Japan and overseas to spread the message. I hope that you will incorporate breast cancer awareness into your daily routine.


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