Pro Golfer Mao Saigo Meets with Shimadzu Employees

Pro Golfer Mao Saigo

Pro golfer Mao Saigo, sponsored by Shimadzu, visited our company during her off-season and met with Shimadzu employees.

Mao Saigo advanced to a new stage this past season, with her first-ever tour victory and participation in LPGA major tournaments. She reflected on the season and talked about her next targets.


Meeting with Shimadzu Employees

The meeting with Mao Saigo was held on December 16, 2022, and was attended by about 300 employees, some via web chat. She replied cheerfully to each of the questions, which varied from tournaments and performances to her private life.

Mao Saigo replied cheerfully to each of the questions

Comments from Mao Saigo

This is what Mao Saigo had to say about this season and next season!

Thank you so much for your support this season. It has been a very rewarding year. In addition to my first-ever tour victory, I won several tours and competed for the first time in LPGA majors. The world’s top golfers gather at the LPGA majors, so I learned a lot by playing with them.

During the off-season, I train with attention focused on the accuracy of my shots and extending the breadth of my technique. Next season, my challenge is to leave my mark both in Japan and other countries.

Comments from Shimadzu Staff in Charge

The staff at the Corporate Communication Department had the following to say.

We have high expectations for Mao Saigo, sponsored by Shimadzu from this season. She immediately attained her cherished goal of a first-ever victory in the opening round, and by the end, she had five wins, earning her a glittering 2nd position in the JLPGA Mercedes-Benz Player of the Year Ranking, a splendid performance. Additionally, she competed for the first time in LPGA majors, so this year was truly a leap forward.

2023 is the year of the hare (as the Japanese Zodiac). During the off-season, I hope she rests and refreshes her body and soul, to make further strides!

Please continue your warm support next season.

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