July 27, 2023

Drone Video to Explore Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza

Shimadzu Corporation opened a new global research hub, "Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza (Tonomachi Branch) in Kawasaki City in January this year. Part of the facility’s interior was filmed by drone, and the video is available on Shimadzu’s website.

* Please be careful if you are prone to motion sickness when watching such videos. 

About Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza

Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza is located in the King Skyfront, an international strategic base in Kawasaki City. Taking advantage of its proximity to Haneda Airport, the facility is designed to deepen exchanges with customers in Japan and overseas and to promote the development of advanced analytical methods and collaborative research.

The facility is equipped with more than 100 of Shimadzu’s analytical instruments, an exhibition space to introduce Shimadzu’s long history and its technologies, and a hall for seminars and events that can accommodate approximately 200 people.

Comment from the Person in Charge

This video was produced to show the fascinating and innovative design of the lab space within Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza to a broader audience. The small drone used for filming was operated by a former drone racer!

The video clearly conveys the atmosphere of the hall, lounge, labs, and exhibition space, including the large atrium and globe (sphere) that are the hallmarks of the facility.

The no-cut view of each lab from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor is impressive.

Other key points include
• The scene from the 1F staircase landing to the atrium (around 0:25)
• The spacious, open atmosphere of the Lounge from the Main Hall (around 1:10)
• The scene where the drone passes between the pillars of the Autograph (around 02:28)

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