November 28, 2023

Release of the Video “Know Your Bones, Keep Them Happy - Shimadzu’s Response to Bone Health-”

Shimadzu has released the video “Know Your Bones, Keep Them Happy - Shimadzu’s Response to Bone Health-.” This video summarizes Shimadzu's approach and initiatives regarding bone health. Here, we give an overview of the video and hear from the staff who produced it.


Overview of the Video “Know Your Bones, Keep Them Happy - Shimadzu’s Response to Bone Health”

It is reported that one in three women over the age of 50 and one in five men experience bone fractures due to osteoporosis.*

  • *Reference: International Osteoporosis Foundation “BONE CARE FOR THE POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMAN”

When bones become brittle due to osteoporosis, even everyday activities can lead to fractures, which can occur without the person even realizing it. Knowing the status of your bones is important for prevention.

In this video, we look at a technology for measuring vitamin D in blood, which is essential for maintaining bone health. In addition, we illustrate Shimadzu's actions and approach to contribute to bone health through a variety of solutions for understanding bone conditions, such as diagnostic imaging technologies, including bone density measurement using X-ray imaging systems.

Comments by the Creator of the Video

In my case, my mother told me that when she went to the hospital, they told her that her hip was broken. My mother lives a normal, healthy life, and I would never have believed that was possible.

Our bones, which support the core of our bodies, are invisible from the outside. That's probably why many of us don’t even think about the state of bone health. Osteoporosis can affect anyone, and our bones have a significant impact on our healthy life expectancy. Early diagnosis leads to prevention and treatment.

I hope this video serves as an opportunity for people to start getting bone examinations.

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