February 2, 2024

Shimadzu Sponsors the Takase River Boat Festival Workshop Held at Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Museum

On October 15, Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Museum (hereinafter Memorial Museum) delivered workshops in collaboration with the Takase River Boat Festival 2023, which was held in the Ichinofunairi* neighborhood at Kiyamachi-Nijo, Kyoto!

  • *Ichinofunairi is a canal located in the west part of the Takase River, which was once the site of the Takase boat docks.

The event was attended by approximately 60 students and their guardians from the region who had applied in advance. They enjoyed performing experiments using Shimadzu X-ray analysis instruments.


Just What is Gold Leaf? Using X-Rays to Find Out

The participants were first given a tour Memorial Museum to see the Diana, our first medical X-ray system, and the Wimshurst electrostatic induction generator, which was used as a power source for taking X-ray photographs. The curator also described to them the history with X-rays and associated initiatives by Shimadzu.

Diana Medical X-Ray System

Diana Medical X-Ray System

Wimshurst Electrostatic Induction Generator

Wimshurst Electrostatic Induction Generator

Next, a workshop entitled “Just What is Gold Leaf? Using X-Rays to Find Out” was held in collaboration with the Tsukuru Manabu Kyoto Machiya Science Museum, which is involved with STEAM education. The EDX-7200, Shimadzu’s first energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, was used to investigate the composition of familiar objects.


When the children checked the analysis results for gold medals, family rings, and gold-colored powder found in the river that they had brought with them, they had a great time comparing them with the Periodic Table, sometimes exclaiming “It’s actual gold (Au)!” and other times “Too bad, it’s just copper (Cu).”

In the workshop session, the children prepared objects that they wished to color gold. They affixed pure gold leaf and brass leaf to boxes, models, and rocks, and then analyzed them in the same way.

The participants commented that they now understood the history of X-rays, that they enjoyed applying the gold leaf, and that even young children had a great time experiencing science.

Comment from the Person in Charge of the Event

In this event, the children gained scientific knowledge about the gold used in their personal belongings. At the same time, this was a good opportunity for them to learn about the history of X-rays, and where analytical instruments are utilized.

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