February 20, 2024

Holding an Environmental Study Program at “Sustaina Kyoto”

In November 2023, Shimadzu convened an environmental study program at “Sustaina Kyoto,” an environmental studies facility at Kyoto City South Clean Centre (Fushimi-ku, Kyoto).

As part of the 4th anniversary program at this facility, “Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School: Looking at Electronic Parts, Searching for Treasure!” was hosted there on November 18. Also, “Learning about Living Things Through Card Games!!” was held as the environmental on-site class on November 25. In total, more than 70 elementary school students and their guardians attended these events.


Sustaina Kyoto

"Sustana Kyoto Logo" and "Shimadzu Logo" 

Sustaina Kyoto is the name for the environmental studies facility at the Kyoto City South Clean Centre, which opened in 2019. A waste treatment plant is utilized and maintained at this facility, enabling the study of cutting-edge environmental technology. Various study programs are delivered there that can be enjoyed while gaining hands-on experience on the theme of the environment.

At the Kyoto City South Clean Centre, Shimadzu instruments are used to monitor whether toxic substances are being fully removed from the exhaust gas produced by incineration of waste.

Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School: Looking at Electronic Parts, Searching for Treasure!


Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School: Looking at Electronic Parts, Searching for Treasure!

The participants played a game in which they used the EDX-7200 energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to find the gold (Au) used in electronic parts, learning about the value and scarcity of gold. They reported that they now realize the importance of recycling electronic parts.

Elementary school students and their parents participating in card games

In addition, a “Kagaku Karuta”* card game tournament was held, to spark interest in the elements that were being analyzed. Some groups said that it was a good opportunity as they had started having an interest in the elements.

  • * “Kagaku Karuta” is a card game that teaches children about chemistry. It was created by the Dream Chemistry 21 Committee.

Learning about Living Things through Card Games!!

The effects of climate change on wildlife are a big concern. In this class, participants learned about the connections between people and other living things, and then considered the reasons why animals are increasingly becoming extinct, all while playing “bidi,” a card game created by Shimadzu.

A Card Game Created by Shimadzu – “bidi”
A Card Game Created by Shimadzu – “bidi”

The children said that it was nice that they could study while playing with their families, and felt that they could learn the characteristics of various living things and the reasons behind their extinction from the card game.


Comment from the Person in Charge of the Event

We were happy to get some comments from participants that they could learn the importance of recycling together with their families while becoming more familiar with science. They also noted that the analysis instruments were impressive. In “Kagaku Karuta,” the adults played on equal terms with the children because the winner was the person with the highest sum of atomic numbers rather than the number of cards.

While enjoying the game, the children learned with their families about the risk of animal extinction caused by environmental problems. I hope that they take this as an opportunity to consider environmental issues as a household, to appreciate the importance of nature, and to take steps to protect living things.


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